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This is never not funny to me.
  • my sister: oh my god
  • me: what?
  • my sister: i just realized something
  • me: ?
  • my sister: gaston is a nice guy.
  • me: ...? um, no, sorry, he's an asshole.
  • my sister: no, no, no, gaston is a 'nice guy'. think about it. he spends the whole beginning of the movie trying to be friendly to belle. everyone else in that town thinks she's a bookish freak with a crazy man for a father, but gaston like, talks to her and sort of tries to take an interest in her activities and compliments her and stuff with the complete 100% expectation that she's going to pay him back by being in a relationship with him. he tunes out what she actually says because he doesn't really think of her as a person, just a pretty trophy who should react to him the right way if he does the right things.
  • me: huh
  • my sister: and then when she hooks up with someone else, he gets all angry and shouty and insists that this other guy is a monster and she's lost her damn mind because she was supposed to fall for HIM, not someone else, and then he goes and stirs up the townsfolk into an angry mob and turns the whole thing into a witch hunt over his wounded pride.
  • me: O_O
  • my sister: gaston is a nice guy.
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sister of a bully

i don’t feel bad.

but i don’t feel good about her getting in trouble.

i don’t like how everyone in her class treats her,

but neither does her class likes how she treats them.

having to confront a little girl who was in the same spot I was when i was in age. feeling alone. feeling horrible. 

she almost ran away. she almost never came back to school. & she wasn’t planning on transferring either…

i can’t believe my sister had taken part of bullying this girl

although i know my sister lives a life which is hard for others to understand and accept. she has selective mutism. totally sounds made up, I know. when she was diagnosed I thought it was a joke.

i realize now, she just doesn’t  feel a steady comfort of being understood. not by me. not by our brothers. our parents. or friends. 

seeing it through both sides. my sister, physically and mentally, cannot speak and communicate; moreover the bullied girl has her own physical issues, including being partially blind. i ca not take a side, but rather observe. it’s just a sad situation.   

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The first innovative bicycle path in the Netherlands will be paved with light stones that will charge during the day and emit light during the evening. The path will run by the home that Vincent van Gogh lived in from 1883-5.

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